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My genealogy research dates back to 1980. 

Everything here is meant to be enjoyed by others.  If I wanted to hoard my little treasures, I would keep them in a safe, not on the internet.







Snow Loving Animals

More tigers, bears, monkeys and other creatures at home in the snow.

Music: Winter, by Tori Amos




A Dusting of Snow in D.W. Fields Park

There are 21 photographs of  a first snowfall in this Avon, MA park.  Photos: Heather Silvestri. 

Music: Sarah McLachlin's Song for a Winter's Night



I created Winter Menagerie for my grandson Justin's first birthday.  In addition to this snow leopard, you'll see a dozen other animals that share my love of snow.  Music: Ken Clinger's First Snow.


Dreams Do Come True

My son Erik came up with an idea to fulfill my dreams of a white Christmas. 





If you liked the menagerie, visit a different set of Snow Creatures,  a page that I created for my granddaughter Chloe's first birthday.  You'll find a Siberian husky, Siberian tiger, baby seal, fox, squirrel, wolf, snow leopards, owls, polar bears, swans, ducks and geese.  Music: Bless the Beasts and the Children.



Ice Images

These Ice Images are just the right size for winter email calling cards.  They are royalty-free.  Just click on an image and save it to your hard drive.  Music: Classical Interlude.


Ice Show I


Ice Show 2


Ice Show 1 and Ice Show 2 are for snow lovers, snow birds, and perhaps grandchildren who have never seen snow.  High speed access is required to view these sites: otherwise, you will want to strangle me by the time you are done.  Between the two, there are more than 40 images.  Except for the frames I added, these images have not been enhanced in any way.  There is no way to best Mother Nature's winter.  Music in Ice Show I: Bach Concert in F Minor.  Music in Ice Show II: Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella.



Heather's Snow Scenes

Heather's Snow Scenes is an expanded version of winter scenes photographed by my daughter, Heather Silvestri.  The digital pictures feature swans, ducks, birds and other inhabitants of D.W. Field Park in Avon, MA, USA.  Music: Bach's Puer Natus in Bethlehem.  A shorter version is available in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.  The file is a 2M .pdf.  Music: Schumann's "Scenes from Childhood."  Just click on this link.  If you do not have Reader, or if you want to update the version you already have, you can download it for free.



Snow Applets


Snow Applets features eight scenes.  Music: The Carol of the Bells by Angels of Venice.


Nana's Winter Alphabet

Nana's Winter Alphabet Page    Featuring winter animals and scenes, animations and The ABC Song, this version sung by Dora the Explorer



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