This was the house in which I grew up in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA.  The Allshouse-Ramsay home no longer exists.  My self-absorbed and heartless uncle sold the house and land to a pharmacist who demolished the Victorian treasure and replaced it with a cinder block structure.



Vintage 1895 Logos


Most companies strive for simplicity when it comes to their logos. For example, just two letters--GE--stand for General Electric. A single yellow seashell represents the Shell Oil Company. Yet a hundred years ago, the opposite was true. Remarkably intricate illustrations were commonplace on company invoices, letterheads and checks, regardless of the type of business.  My new site showcases more than 85 images that illustrate the point. The logos all relate to the operation of Allshouse, Beck and Company, a business created more than a century ago by my great-grandfather, Josiah Allshouse.  Enjoy the accompaniment of Beethoven's Fur Elise.



The Ramsay Room


Work on my newest page continues with updated reports and new graphics, photographs, historical maps and links.  Click the castle to visit this genealogy site which is devoted to my Scottish ancestors.




The Ramsay Clan and Related German Families


Genealogy reports, photographs, related files and links for these surnames: Ramsay, from Westmoreland County, PA and Fife, Scotland; Sharp, from Clackmannan, Scotland; Allshouse, Altman, Baughman, Beck, Graham, Greer, Helman, Long, Mathias, Rugh and Wilkins, all from Westmoreland County, PA and Germany.



The Ramsay CyberCemetery


This completed site is part of The Ramsay Room.  The pictures are in a Paint Shop Pro Photo Album side-by-side format.  When you are finished with the album, click your browser's back button to return here.  If you are unfamiliar with genealogy research, you may think the CyberCemetery concept is morbid, but headstone research is a common tool that can provide information that may not exist elsewhere.  The headstones documented here are all in cemeteries located in Westmoreland County, PA.



The Silvestri Family


We are researching the surnames Silvestri and Sylvester from Italy and Pennsylvania, and, Ferenc, Ferrence and Radzelovage from Poland and eastern Pennsylvania.


Reunion 2007



Get on Top--Erik's First Sky Dive



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